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Gold and Treasure Gold Nuggets From Arizona

Gold and Treasure Gold Nuggets From Arizona

Gold and Treasure

A Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting web site focused how to prospect for gold and find treasures in the U.S. and around the world.

The author has spent over 30 years prospecting for gold and has found a wide variety of relic treasures and meteorites. I have also been fortunate enough to be a gold prospecting and off road guide for private parties and professional photographers. I have also been featured in various newspapers, gold prospecting magazines and have consulted for individuals and mining companies.

Gold and Treasure Adventures

Yuma AZ Gold Mine Tailings

Yuma AZ Gold Mine Tailings

Gold prospecting and treasure hunting are both fun activities as well as good healthy exercise. Adventure always awaits as you might find a gold nugget, a hundred nuggets, a gold vein, a lost old coin, old relics or maybe an old mine prospect lost to time with visible gold in the tailings.


Gold and Treasure Hunting

The gold nuggets below are just a few the author has found using Minelab, White’s and Fisher Metal Detectors. Additionally, there are pictures of relics found in the process. Finding a gold nugget patch is rarely easy but always rewarding. More often than not the term Gold Rush is associated with California and Alaska but many states in the U.S. experienced gold rushes including Arizona, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Washington and Utah.

Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting Locations

Gold Prospecting, gold recovery and treasure hunting is something that can be done with many different types of equipment by just about anyone who has patience and determination. Some of the most common equipment are metal detectors, dry washers, gold pans, sluices, dredges and hi-bankers. The high price of gold has inspired thousands of new gold prospectors. Every adventure will be a successful one with the right mindset and you will learn to be a more efficient gold prospector or better treasure hunter over time. You may want to use our online databases to find gold prospecting and treasure hunting locations in many states. Good luck, we hope to hear from you soon.You can also check us out at these links, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest Don’t forget to be safe when out nugget hunting looking for gold and treasure. Good luck and happy hunting.

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